a completely new approach to the science of 3D grid generation and model description solves major weaknesses still inherent in even the most current geomodeling technologies commonly used today.


construct grids of any size and type.No limits.


automation speeds the creation of workflows and results.


much easier to construct accurate representations of complex subsurface geology.


increased productivity for geoscientist due to a short learning curve, saves time and money operational costs, but also in drilling and production costs with a more accurate reservoir description and better analysis and planning.

Best Geomodeling & Gridding Algorithms

Apr. 17
GridWorld achieved a complete success at AAPG 2017

The annual global event -AAPG (American Petroleum Geologists Association) 2017, has successfully concluded at Houston, GridWorld, as participant, also achieved a great success.

Mar. 28
Increase Reservoir Accuracy through Structural Restoration

The accuracy of using of geostatistical interpolation on faulted area is not simple, or may not even be correct, due to the sedimentary space that determines the reservoir properties distribution/ relationships.

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