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The Geomechanics Module (GMM) in DepthInsight ® is a finite element based method that allows for the calculation of geomechanical properties after defining the distribution of media properties in each stratigraphic fault block and other boundary conditions. This module derives its computations directly from the structural model and restoration principles built within the DepthInsight® product. In this way, it can support various application requirements of geomechanics analysis of any complex geological structural block. The results can be used in numerous areas including; fracture prediction, fracture efficiency, study of fault stability and closure, prediction and modeling of fractures produced during drilling, and stability evaluation of casing design.

Technical Differentiation

The Geomechanics module derives a computational grid that is converted directly from the structural model with a finite element method. This hugely increases your work efficiency by reducing the tedious grid editing work and other operations that are already accounted for in DepthInsight® .

The system can work on present or past structural models, and through numerical modeling it can predict orientation and spatial distribution of stresses and strain within a given geological time, with full consideration of the spatial and complexity of the geological models.

The input grid to this method is a very detailed accurate complex structural model, because of this it can increase the accuracy of your geomechanic calculations and resulting analysis.


Main Functions

Paleo-stress analysis based on 3D structural restoration

Characterization and 3D visualization of heterogeneous geological objects

Interpolation and display of petrophysical parameters in the model


Young's Modulus

Poisson’s Ratio

Coefficient of internal friction

Tensile, shearing, compressive strengths

Setting-up of complicated mechanical boundary conditions

Fixed constraints

Normal constraints

Loading from any direction

Display the results

2D and 3D display

Vector and gradient ramp display

Text output

Application of the results

Petroliferous Basin Evolution and Simulation

Oil and Gas Migration and Accumulation

Fractured Reservoir Prediction

Drilling & Production Technology (Hydraulic fracturing, horizontal well design)


Demonstration Video

Title: How to build a geomechanics model in DepthInsight

Description: This video demonstrates a process of the geomechanical model in DepthInsight---Specify the rock parameters, set the boundary conditions, then the model can be calculated. It is truly based on Finite Element and can describe and calculate any complex structures.

Demo Link:


Case Study


NNW and NEE trending faults developed in this area. The complex tectonic situation makes it difficult to simulate and calculate the tectonic stress field of this area.

Boundary conditions

N, S boundary: normal constraint

E, W boundary: tension load, 7.5*107 Pa

Bottom boundary: fixed constraint

Results display


Special Tips


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