Seismic Property Modeling (SPM) Module in DepthInsight ® can simulate property data for any complex geological setting by utilizing the structural model to constrain the results and also to integrate seismic and well data in the process.  The property models can be viewed and edited in 3D interactively on the screen.  The computed properties can be output to a standard SEGY format that can be conveniently used in other systems for seismic inversion.

Technical Differentiation

Performing seismic property modeling within the framework of  DepthInsight ® ’s Structural modeling, the system incorporates all the horizons and faults, which results in a much better positioned and more accurate model.


Main functions

Establish various seismic property models with high resolution

Generate horizontal slice, vertical slice and 3D transparent rendering map

Generate horizon slice

3D Editing

SEGY output – can be used in seismic inversion


Case study

- Wave impedance body and wave impedance profile 


-  Wave impedance fence profile


property analysis

Property model of porosity, permeability and saturation

Established high accuracy initial wave impedence

Inversion results using high accuracy initial wave impedence

Property profile along random flattened section line

Initial wave impedance profile of overthrust fault


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