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The Gridding Module (GDM) in DepthInsight® is used to grid the structural framework in the Structural Modeling Module or provide an up-scaled grids of models in Reservoir Modeling Module.

It allows users to grid many different types of grids within the system, depending on how they will use or apply these grids going forward. The types of grids include: stair step, truncated rectangular or PEBI grids. Local grid refinements can be performed around areas like wells or features that require additional details for modeling and analysis.  A series of functions are available to upscale model properties from grids of different sizes that maybe moved to other applications. The resulting grids can be exported to many industry standard formats for easy input into other software  systems. 

Technical Differentiation

The Gridding Module enables reservoir engineers to construct three types of grids: stair step, truncated rectangular or PEBI grids. Robust and efficient gridding algorithm ensures that the truncated grids (rectangular and PEBI grid) honor the geological structure without compromise, no matter the complexity of the underground system. 


Main Functions

1. Simulation grid generation

    stair step, truncated, PEBI (unstructured)

    Local grid refinement (LGR) can be applied

2. Property upscaling from grids of different sizes

3. Output to other industry formats (Eclipse, RESQML, etc…)

4. 3D visualization


Special Tips

The grid in Reservoir Modeling Module and Gridding Module are all created from the water-tight structural framework, which enables the structure of the reservoir property model to be consistent with the structure of the numerical simulation grid, honoring to high levels of accuracy the complete structural framework.



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