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Industry Challenge

The goal of the DepthInsight® system is to create 3D geologic models and related grids that accurately represent complex geology of any geometry, fault type or fault-to-fault geometry. For years companies have been trying to achieve this goal but even the most modern and sophisticated technologies are still falling significantly short of the requirements to build a correct, and complete reservoir description. Even if they do create some kind of incomplete structural model & grid, being able to simulate these complex reservoirs are insanely slow, and the process to construct these models pose many challenges to the user. Even maintaining “evergreen” models with these existing technologies presents its own set of issues. GridWorld with its DepthInsight software has developed a system and a technique that has overcome these inefficiencies and challenges.

GridWorld’s DepthInsight Modeling Solution

GridWorld’s DepthInsight® system and modules have been evolving over the past 12 years, and recently a completely new fundamental approach and science of the underlying algorithms that has solved the problem of building very complex 3D reservoir grids. This significant technological breakthrough unravels all of the above challenges as well as virtually eliminating any scalability issues, reducing man power and computation-time to build these complex reservoirs. DepthInsight® can construct high resolution 3D models that contain many horizons & can include 1000’s of faults, that result in a structural models and associated simulation grids that impose no simplifications in describing the subsurface.

An extreme example, from a client in China, has produced a full field master structural model, and associated 3D grid representing a reservoir that is about 400m thick (9 layers) and covers 1,900 sq. km. It is gridded at a 20m by 20m areal resolution with 1,600 faults, and contains approximately 10 trillion cells. The associated database contains 56,000 wells, (including tops and logs) as well as a 3D seismic volume. DepthInsight®’s Enormous Modeling capability enables distributed modeling with multiple users working on individual sub regions simultaneously, and then updating and seamlessly embedding the results back into the master model.

Value to Clients

Either by using our DepthInsight® software directly or by embedding our core gridding SDK (software development kit) technology into other software applications, geoscientists and engineers can:

Create models (and associated grids) of any complex geologic environment for use in subsequent static analysis or dynamic simulation for:

· Velocity modeling for seismic imaging

· Seismic Interpretation validation by balancing

· Structural modeling

· Geostatistical simulation of rock properties

· Reservoir simulation

· Geomechanical simulation

· Paleo-restoration

· 4D basin & petroleum system modeling

· Well planning, drilling engineering and geosteering

The system also allows users to be:

· Effective – a completely new approach to the science of 3D grid generation and model description solves major weaknesses still inherent in even the most current geomodeling technologies commonly used today.

· Extensive – construct grids of any size and type. No limits.

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