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The Sa’ertu-Xingshugang Integrated Structural Modeling of Reservoir Groups Successfully Completed


On 1st September,2014, the Sa’ertu-Xingshugang integrated structural modeling of reservoirgroups was successfully checked, accepted and filed, which was completed byBeijing GridWorld Software Technology Co., Ltd. and marked the build of theintegrated model of La-Sa-Xing oil fields in Changyuan.

It took 2 years to build theChangyuan integrated model from system establishment, technical discussion tothe completion. The success of this project couldn’t be achieved withoutsupport and cooperation from the Daqing Exploration and Production Research andDevelopment Institute, Seismic Interpretation RoomⅡand all the oil productionfactories. The build of the integrated La-Sa-Xing model avoids disadvantagesbrought by applying models of local block. It was concurrently modeled byseveral people and formed by seamless merging of local models. Except that, themodeling result can be shared and any local model of it can be updated andutilized separately. The integrated La-Sa-Xing model also has a great potentialto be applied to analyze the holistic structure, make anin-depth analysis of local areas, and design the track of wells.

Theintegrated modeling technology is first achieved by GridWord and is alsosuccessfully applied in Changyuan, Daqing with good evaluations fromgeologists. We will continue our innovative development and do a better jobabout the integrated modeling of Changyuan old oil fields and Songliao Basinand the application of the model.

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