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The Cooperation Project of Gridworld and BGP Successfully Completed


The cooperation project "Mapping Technology of Complex Structure Based on 3DGeological Model", between our company and BGP, has been successfully completed in this month. GridWorld has received high praise from BGP because of our contributions.

The Structural Modeling Module, which is the core of our self-developed software named DepthInsight ®, has the unparalleled advantages, including fast modeling, powerful modeling capability of complex structure. This project is to embed the algorithm of Structural Modeling Module into the GeoEast interpretation system of BGP in the form of developing kit (SDK). Through this cooperation, the geological modeling ability of GeoEast can be substantially enhanced, and the goal of Interpreting-Modeling can be definitely achieved. Now it is strongly believed that the market competitiveness of both of our products can be undoubtedly improved and both of us can achieve win-win situation.

As the first partner of our SDK strategy, BGP has expressed their intention to deepen and strengthen the cooperation with us in all aspects, which we really appreciate. It is proven by this successful project that the SDK business model pioneered by the Gridworld is feasible and has a broad application prospect.

3D Fault Model built with GeoEast GeoInsight

3D Fault Model built with GeoEast GeoInsight

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