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GridWorld Signed a cooperation agreement with BGP


Recently, Beijing GridWorld Software Technology Co., Ltd. officially signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting INC., ChinaNational Petroleum Corporation (BGP).

The core of this agreement is the research and development of 3D geological modeling technology, with a basic content of applying the structural modeling technology to the GeoEast interpretation system in the form of SDK. It will improve the geological modeling ability of this system, consummate its function of simultaneous interpretation and modeling of 3D visualization and achieve the integration of interpretation and modeling.

This collaboration marks that the 3D geological modeling technology which is independently researched and developed by GridWorld has been recognized by experts and peers of the same industry, and it would be widely used in China NationalPetroleum Corporation with the promotion of Geoeast system.

About BGP

Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting INC., China National Petroleum Corporation (BGP) is one of the world’s leading geophysical service companies,delivering a wide range of technologies, services and equipment to the oil andgas industry worldwide. We are engaged in seismic data acquisition, processing,interpretation, reservoir geophysics, borehole seismic, micro-seismic, GME and multi-client surveys, equipment manufacturing and software R&D.


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