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Join GridWorld and Petro-Explorers at the GeoConvention in Calgary May 15-17


GridWorld will present its DepthInsight® system at booth # 518 in the GeoConvention 2017 from May 15 to 17. DepthInsight® is also used in the poster of Application of Integrated Interpretation, Modeling and Structural Restoration Workflow for an Extensional Basin Interpretation"by Raza A. Siddiqui, Fenglin Xia, Robert Chelak and Hanyang Liu at 9:30 am on May 16, 2017 Poster No.41. It will be presented by Raza Siddiqui (Petro-Explorers).  We welcome you to join this poster and our presentations.

The goal of the DepthInsight® system is to create 3D geologic models and related grids that accurately represent complex geology of any geometry, fault type or fault-to-fault geometry. GridWorld’s DepthInsight® system and its modules have been evolving over the past 12 years. Recently a completely new fundamental approach and science of the underlying algorithms has solved the problem of building very complex 3D reservoir grids. This significant technological breakthrough virtually eliminates any scalability issues, reduces man power and computation-time to build these complex reservoirs.  DepthInsight® can construct high resolution 3D models that can contain 100’s of horizons and 1000’s of faults. The resulting structural models and associated simulation grids contain no simplifications or compromises in describing the subsurface geology. 

Come to our presentations to see the ability of DepthInsight®, and how it can help you improve your reservoir characterization studies.

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