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GridWorld joins iEnergy


GridWorld, Inc. has joined iEnergy®, the fastest growing E&P industry community inaugurated by Halliburton Landmark.  Showcased on iEnergy DISCOVER, GridWorld’s advanced 3D Geoscience Modeling Technology product DepthInsight® is available as a DecisionSpace® 10ep plug-in.  The DepthInsight® product will bring the best the industry has to offer in the area of structural modeling and gridding and reservoir 3D modeling to all the users within the iEnergy community. 

DepthInsight plug-in will allow users to transfer data between DecisionSpace 10ep and DepthInsight  directly without having to import / export data for extending workflows between the two applications.  .  This direct access will allow users to quickly build reservoir models, and with GridWorld’s technology build the most robust and accurate representations of the earth in the industry today.  The results can be stored back into the database where users have access or they can be exported when necessary to opt out of DecisonSpace  in various formats to be used in other systems, and used in reservoir simulation studies.  This cooperation with others in iEnergy allows GridWorld to take advantage of all the best technologies, in the market place, and generate innovative results that could not be achieved alone.

GridWorld will be featured at Landmark Innovation Forum and Expo on Aug 22-24, 2017 at the Westin Houston, Memorial City.  Come to see the GridWorld DepthInsight® technology on the iEnergy Community Wall.   For more information visit:

About Landmark:

Landmark ( is a Halliburton business line, is the leading technology solutions provider of data and analytics, science, software, and services for the exploration and production industry. Landmark's innovative, integrated technology and services provide support for key decision points in the oil and gas life cycle, enabling energy companies around the world to lower costs, boost production, and increase productivity and profitability.

About Gridworld:

GridWorld ( focuses on developing software for constructing geological models. It is dedicated to being an industry leading provider of advanced technology related to structural earth modeling. This technology allows users in the oil and gas industry build accurate geological models, simulate subsurface physical processes, and analyze the results. GridWorld has offices in Beijing, Nanjing and Houston. The core Research and Development team in GridWorld has diverse backgrounds of talents that include, computer science and geoscience and is constantly creating new innovative technology to meets all the challenges for the users.


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