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SPE 2017 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition

From Oct 9 to 11, 2017, GridWorld will exhibit at the Society of Petroleum Engineers' Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition to present its DepthInsight® software portfolio. We welcome you to attend one of the many presentations that will be given at booth #3252 so you can see in person how GridWorld can help you get the most out of your reservoirs.

GridWorld’s DepthInsight® has recently released a new version of its system that includes a new innovative science approach of its underlying algorithms that has solved the problem of building very complex 3D reservoir models and grids. This significant technological breakthrough unravels the challenges of building complex reservoir as well as eliminating any scalability issues.  This results in reducing man-power burdens and long computation-time to build these complex models.

GridWorld has made extreme progress on its advanced and proven gridding algorithms, which enables the system to generate and model any type of complex geology, that is water-tight, shares points/lines, and can generate stair-step, truncated and unstructured grids of any size without limitations.  For all these reasons GridWorld has the ability to improve the accuracy of reservoir characterization, reduce the time to construct these models, improve the results of reservoir simulation, which allows you to optimize recovery and be more profitable.  

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