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GridWorld attended the 2017 SEG convention in Houston


GridWorld was invited to the SEG convention in Houston Texas the week of Sept 24th, 2017.  After the disaster where hurricane Harvey that ravaged the city of Houston, just a month before the start of this event, both the city and the SEG rallied to put on a very successful event.  

The conference was attended by thousands of people during the 4 day event.  GridWorld presented no less than 7 presentations a day at the trade show booth 1127 to numerous oil & gas companies as well as software companies. They were both interested in this advanced gridding and structural modeling software.  

A large number of people were interested in GridWorld pre-show advertising and came to see the latest  release of DepthInsight® version that is now in the DecisionSpace® iEnergy community to see how data is exchanged and grids can be generated.  

The conference as a whole is a huge success, and as a result there are many follow up meetings with potential partners and customers as the path forward to work with GridWorld and its technology.  

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